I'm therichhiggins.
But there may be a chance your looking for:

Rich Higgins, @richhiggins

Technical lead at LOVE. Sometime skateboarder, snowboarder and standardista. Also a tea drinker.

Rich Higgins, @maltyrich

Brewmaster, dedicated to celebrating beer and food in San Francisco. Also a beer drinker.

Rich Higgins, the Song

A lovely YouTube song about Rich Higgins or God. I'm not sure.

Col. William R. Higgins

A United States Marine Corps colonel who was captured in 1988 while serving on a United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. Held hostage, tortured and eventually murdered by his captors.

Another Col. Richard Higgins

An Irish born American Roman Catholic bishop of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA.

Richard A. Higgins

A motorcycle-riding photographer that doesn't like TV commercials or red lights.

Rich Higgins, Ink Lab Tattoo

A tattoo artist in the UK. I also like tattoos.

Richard Higgins

An architect, which is what I went to school for and figured out was not for me.