MentorMate, a Minneapolis mobile and application development company sponsors an annual conference for digital professionals—MobCon. As the event was becoming increasingly popular, MentorMate was developing ancillary conferences for new markets and regions. The time was optimal to refresh the brand. Creative that was visually sleek yet inherently flexible. That is, the creative needed to adapt with the focus (general, healthcare) and location (Minnesota, Bulgaria).


Redesigned logo system

A repeating pattern of color represents the multiple mobile screens that unite attendees. Each conference has a distinguishing color palette.

A repeating pattern of shifting colors represents the multiple  mobile screens that unite at the event . Each conference has a  distinguishing  color palette. 


From the website to the mobile app nothing was left untouched by the redesign. Simplifying the user experience and interfaces across devices along with defining typefaces and graphic elements help bring a unified visual lexicon to the brand.

Event Materials

As MobCon was nearing and all hands on deck MentorMate realized partnering with a design agency was the most effective way to get all the material completed on time and with polish. With the branding completed and MobCon Digital Health the first of the conferences to sport the new look we touched every element of the collateral: signage, brochures, shirts, presentations, photography, nothing went live without our handiwork.



Wanting to make the MobCon US invitation do more than get put aside, I designed it for dual roles—generate excitement and hung up around the office, in workstations or common areas. The poster was shipped folded, the size of a large postcard, but upon opening was 18" x 24" with florescent lime green ink. The outline of Minnesota is in there too.