Little Peanut

For short weekends or long trips, Little Peanut is a personal assistant for on-the-go parents. You can create packing and to-do lists, build care schedules, view your child's day and share it all with caregivers. So even when you’re away for a weekend, your in-laws will know your “little peanut's” bedtime, favorite pajamas, even allergies. And you can rest well viewing short video clips of their activities and a journal of their day.


Overview & Demo

Illustration, Storyboards and Direction: TSG
Voiceover: Little Peanut
Videography: Tad Saddoris
Animation: Neil Hagre

With a brilliant vision for an app, Little Peanut brought TSG onboard to create a strong brand identity and user experience. The app won first place at the 2014 MobDemo during MobCon and was rewarded with additional funding toward app development. After initial user experience and interface design was complete, local-global app developer MentorMate brought the pixels to full interactivity.