Baby Room & Hand-Painted Alphabet Wall


Angela and I are slowly putting the finishing touches on the baby room. Our focus was bright, clean, fun and gender neutral (we're waiting until birth to learn the sex). Thus, what once was a refuge for miscellaneous items and a sad attempt at a home office is less than a month away from becoming the room of a new baby boy or girl. Names are still TBD but at least we've managed to agree on the style for the room. We're very happy with the results and can't wait to joyfully/anxiously put it to use.

In case you made it this far, here's a rundown of the room. The rug and most of the furniture is IKEA, like the rest of our house! Fortunately, Angela's family donated a dresser that's now the changing & singlet (onesie) station. The metal wire crates,  "HI" letters and flash card animals are from Hunt & Gather. One  Friday night I attached them to a magnet backer so they stay up on the metal dry-erase boards. We put up a new fan/light and picked up a canvas picture from Urban Outfitters. The drapes are from Target and are lined to control the temp off the windows.

Angela gave me the go-ahead and in a fit of fatherly nesting, I decided to paint the room white and hand-paint an alphabet on the wall. The easy part started with firing up Illustrator, getting some transparency paper, buying an overhead projector and mixing a few sample cans of paint. Then the hard part came, the "doing." Such as scaling the artwork on the wall, redrawing the lines from multiple transparencies and masking off parts of the letters. At that point I was half done. Then came painting almost straight, semi-circular Helvetica letterforms in-between hand cramps and air-drying. After the third coat and some white paint edge clean-up the wall was finished. It's exactly what I envisioned and looks great a few feet away. In fact I can't wait to paint more letters. Alas, I think a break may be in order, whether I want to or not. I have a feeling this new family member will be taking up just a bit of my time.

In short, up-close the letters aren't perfect. In fact you can see pencil lines if you gawk long enough, but that's the point. I wanted to make something for our new one that was a piece of me. Pride, flaws & all.