A Retired Racer

This Wednesday, May 19th, Angela and I will be going to pick up a Greyhound from NLGA. We're not sure who it is but just like Earl Grey, we'll take whomever God blesses upon us.

It hard realizing the same outcome that happened only 3 months ago will happen again—out-living a pet. Saying goodbye to Earl was one of the hardest things I've ever done. But I know there was a reason we adopted him. And just like him we want to give another past racer a home to retire in.

Every week I volunteering at Animal Humane Society. You'd think visiting with all the adoptable dogs would have pushed me to take one home after one of my shifts, which it almost did. But all along, I knew that from the time we adopted our first greyhound that the breed was unique and perfectly suited to Angela and I. That isn't to say, I didn't develop a soft spot on a few occasions for an Italian Greyhound, a Chihuahua, a Collie, a few Terriers and on old Husky. Just like the potential adoptees that visit AHS, we needed to find a dog we fit not a dog that fit us (very important).

We only hope to find a companion that we can give a good life to. Because I know if I was born, bred and trained to run since the day I was two I'd be ready to retire!

Update: Here a pic of our new addition.