One Dark 'n' Stormy Night

Disclaimer: Any and all drinking should be done responsibly, respectfully and moderately.

A good friend of mine is part of a Scotch tasting club that meets often enough to make me wish I was a fan of the Scottish Whiskey. Since Rett's revelation, aficionadoes and libations involving the spirit have sprung up out of the woodwork. Which makes me wonder when my drink of choice is going to become stylish, rum. Not the Captain 'n' Coke, college-drink du jour. Specifically, Black Rum, a liqour that any respectable bartendar knows is a solid ingredient for a 'Dark 'n' Stormy.

Since embarking on a tasting club of mine own I've come across a few that I feel are worth mentioning. In addition, if you've never had a Dark 'n' Stormy and enjoy rum you've got to try this cocktail. Why? Because it's smooth enough to be enjoyed by all but can have such a wide range of distinct flavors depending on if you want a smokey feel or a hint of cherry.

Among my favorites, for various reasons, are:

1. The Kraken

2. Gosling's Black Seal

3. Kilo Kai