Our Beloved Earl Grey


This past Tuesday, February 16th, Angela and I had to go through one of the most tragic and heartbreaking experiences of our lives. In an all too fast set of events we lost Earl Grey, our much-loved greyhound – a true member of the family. Within the span of a week we found out he had a Mast Cell Tumor in his cranial abdomen that was releasing histamines into his body and causing ulcers in his stomach. Most likely the cancer was affecting the spleen, pancreas and liver, or all. He went from being just a little sick to not very well at all very fast.

I didn't realize at the beginning that he wouldn't survive. The whole time I kept telling myself, "We'll just pay for it, whatever it is, we'll do it and he'll be fine and he'll have the rest of his life, we've only had him for 18 months, he's not even 6 years old, we'll have him for 8 more. Nothing to worry about, we can do this."

Things didn't get better. Tests didn't go well and after seeing him in the shape he was in and talking with the doctor, we lost it and bawled. In a small room a few blocks from home we said goodbye. We cried, hugged and told him we'd see him in heaven.

We adopted PB's Simple Earl (his racing name) from NLGA. He was the last Greyhound in the group that came that spring to be adopted. He was meant for us and us for him. In the span of a couple months he became a huge piece of our lives. Without even trying Earl became part of the family. He introduced us to neighbors, greeted us when we got home and slept in with us on the weekends. We even represented NLGA at the MN Pet Expo and attended the NLGA Annual Picnic with him.

Coming home is hard, I expect him to be at the door or take him to the dog park on the weekends. It's getting easier. Easier because I start to think of the past 18 months instead of the last week. I know we can't replace him but when the time comes Angela and I will adopt another greyhound. And just like Earl we'll give another dog a happy and loving life for as long as we can.

We love you Earl.