Apple iPad?

I'm an Apple Fanboy. I'm not getting one of these. (I got one 6 months later, can you say, "sucker.") At least not anytime soon. Though, all in all, today was an epic event nonetheless. But as I look closer at the new Apple iPad I notice a few shortcomings that could have easy been added to this first version instead of future releases.

The basic things missing:

  • USB ports (will this ever happen)
  • front camera (iPad 2 has it)
  • video-out (possible with adapter, or over AirPlay with AppleTV)
  • multi-tasking (added a few months later)
  • stand-alone capability, i.e. iTunes/computer needed (added with iPad 2)

But it does fill a gap, even if that gap is very thin. If you have a laptop and love carrying it from room to room, cracking it open on the bus, having it heating up your crotch, attempt to read books in bed and otherwise haul around a full-laptop that's fine. That's what I do. If so, this won't interest you.

If you have a netbook, this really won't interest you. I can't think of much an iPad does that can't be done on a netbook. But full-disclosure, I'd rather carry this around or pop it open over lunch, during class or on a plane than a netbook.

Is it necessary for you to play touch games, read e-books, watch movies, carry textbooks, adopt tech early, while traveling constantly and find it difficult to email, read and get your media on a smartphone screen? Then this is perfect for you. It does all that. Is it necessary though? Not sold.

Was the iPod underrated, sure. Did people think the iPhone was going to be God's gift to the world, yes. Is this somewhere in the middle? Probably. Is the name unfortunate? of course.

Certain businesses will flock like sheep to this. Traditional media companies have been losing money hand over fist for years... years. Newspapers, networks, magazines, comic books, etc. This has the opportunity to save them. Companies want a way to deliver their content the way they want – DRM-ed up the wazoo! What better way than to produce an App and sell it at the store and have absolute control of that app. Hackers can jailbreak the iPhone but not the apps.

In the end, this is not a game changer. It's a start.