Aural Reflections

 Top Tens, 25 Tips, Five Steps, 50 Sexiest ...we all love getting information force fed fast. The easiest and simplest way to do this in in the form of a list. And just like the cover of every magazine, I love me my lists. Thus, below you will find 10 of my favorite songs from 2009. Not the top, not my most favorite, there may even be some that came out before 2009. Just a list of 10 songs I discovered in 2009.

Also, If you have the time I suggest checking out Pitchfork, an all-things music site. I was partly inspired by their Pitchfork P2K top 500 Tracks of the 2000s. Though I only made it through about 250 songs I was able to find some stand-outs that I had yet to hear and many I hadn't realized came out this decade. As a side note I'm happy to say that female and male vocalists are both well represented, as well as two from Minnesota.

10 Outstanding Songs of 2009:


Bonus Outstanding song of Angela's 2009