Merengue the Meringue

Our morning dance these past few weekends has been to plan our meals for the week and eat our breakfast in the company of Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. I highly recommend trying some of her recipes or watching a few shows. She's the Martha Stewart of the Food Network but much more sweet and amiable. She reminds me of my mother when I was a child. Scooting around the kitchen in a purposeful manner opening, closing, cooking, baking, mixing, mincing. I had no idea what all these methods or ingredients were at the time but it seemed a science and an art that was much too confusing. As an adult though, cooking has become a serious hobby and trying new recipes a frugal journey. And lately, we've made the Food Network our go to muzak when nothing else is on tv.

Today I did the same dance Ina did this morning. Inspired by both my mom and by Angela, my wife, I spent this afternoon baking. I say inspired because both of those women have baked a lot. Me, not so much. I cook. Pastries, breads, cakes and it's ilk have never been my forte. I feel I'm at my best with a knife and a pan. But just like a stricker needs to work on his defense I dropped the knife and plugged-in the Kitchen Aid. If you pride yourself as a magician in the kitchen then I dare you to make a Lime Meringue Tart. It was much more involved and complex than Ina had made it look. Also, the meringue took about 12 minutes to fluff up, not the 2 minutes the recipe says. Haven't tried it yet but with the amount of sugar, eggs and butter I used it's got to be delicious. See the pictures. I know the next one I make will be even better. If I ever do.