Medtronic TC 10 Mile (Year 2)

Last year I ran the 2008 Medtronic TC 10 Mile along with Sean, Chris and Megan (my brothers and sister-in-law). Months prior, I would go out and run three times a week, slowly getting my running legs back and feeling healthier and less sore by the day. During these training months, we had the ritual early Sunday morning long runs at our parent's house. Tired and sleepy, all of us would hit the sidewalks of Burnsville, Apple Valley and Rosemount increasing our distance and mutual discomfort each week.

Finally, race day had arrived and Sean, Chris, Megan and I  ran with the best of them, though we may not have finished with them. Even so, I loved the experience and camaraderie of running and training with family. I found running helped focus my mind and body while releasing some of the stress and pressures of the day. It was also made each weekend a family event with all of the Gophers descending on AV.

After watching us last year, Angela knew this was something she wanted to do. Thus, when lottery sign up time came around we entered and patiently waited. We didn't get picked in the lottery and assumed our training was for naught. To our suprise Medtronic had a Special Fundraising Entry for the TC 10 Mile for those willing to raise $100 on behalf of local youth fitness partners. This years donations go toward Bolder Options, Migizi Communications, and YWCA of Minneapolis.

Lucky us, we got to run it. Best of all, we got a ride back to the starting line with my parents and proceded to enjoy some delicious post-run brunch at Good Day Cafe. Our go-to run day meal du jour. See ya next year.