Weekends + Minnesotans = Cabins + Wisconsin

The 2009 Rutter Cabin Weekend just got over and it made me once again realize how fortunate I am to have such amazing friends. Who knew I had an instristic knack for locating and hypnotize people into befriending me?

The festivites started Thursday afterwork with a lovely jaunt through the impeccably timed rain storm that seems to precede every weekend at Rutter's cabin in Waupaca, WI. Luckily, Tony and Shannon were nice enough to haul my butt over there once again. I had to survive the night since Angela had to work a half day due to shooting some commercial with Julia Roberts' husband and dropping Earl off at our favorite Jammer's Dogbreak. She finally made it and, thus, completed the list of celebrities that weekend. The VIP list included: Mason & Erika, Mike & Mariann, Eddie & Kate, Tony & Shannon and Angela & me. There was a new face to this years festivities and she turned out to be a perfect fit.

Not as crazy as some years but just as fun and memorable, with fewer hangovers, which I've been know to suffer year after year. Our schedule of events included: drinking, golfing (not me yet), running, debating, eating, boating, wakeboarding, skiing, swimming, cooking, drinking, pontooning, grilling, Cornholing, laughing, arguing, relaxing and generally enjoying the outdoors while creating memories and carousing.

I love these weekends. And like Mike has once told me, I also get sad and depressed when I have to return to the real world. I forget about work and being an adult, responsibilities are left at the door and everything become more fun. Then again, it's weekends like this that make me realize how lucky I am – how blessed I am. Can't wait for next year! Wheelhouse, hope your ready.

Pictures here.