Camping at Eagle Cliff

Angela and I have always wanted to go camping. You know, get outside and rough it up like real nature-loving hippies. Sadly we never had the supplies, time or knowledge to do. Until now!

After moving into our new house last year we were able to trudge through the wedding gifts we'd received the year before but had stored in the parents' basement—our old 750 sq.ft. apartment didn't have enough space for it. Once home we realized we registered for a camper's essentials: a gas stove, 4 person tent (really 2-3 people), two sleeping bags and a cooler.

This set us up perfectly for camping, though, our summer weekends fill up unbelievable quickly with various engagements, e.g., cabins, work, travel, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and trips. Not this year. One wedding!

Camping within reach, we could easily set a tent and grill a mean burger but lacked campground knowledge and etiquette. Low and behold, Rett and Becky had already gone camping in Lanesboro, MN at Eagle Cliff Campgrounds and other good friends Amy and Kase had added some gear and knew how to keep a good fire burning all night.

With Miles and Adelaide in tow, we headed out the third week in July. I picked up a Yakima bike rack for our new (old) bikes (pics to come), packed the xB to the top (not really), dropped Earl off at the Human Society (to board) and ventured south (south-east).

We arrived at a decent time on Friday, quickly threw up the tent and grilled some burgers and corn. It was a nice weekend weather wise, overcast with hints of sun, not ideal but not horrible. The next day we went for a long bike ride from Lanesboro to Peterson, about 13 miles on a perfect path through pristine Minnesota prairies and towns. Slightly parched we picnicked in Peterson before heading back. A pit stop at a pie shop let us eagerly down three pie slices. After an excellent steak dinner courtesy Amy and Kase we talked late into the night, drinks and smores in hand.

Sunday morning we went into town and ate at Pedal Pushers Cafe. Very much a comfort-food type restaurant. There was a great buffet that was defintely not for vegetarians. I love animals but sometime bacon and sausage taste so good–I'm good at dissociating the two.

All in all, I can't wait for our next adventure in the Minnesota wilderness, which is hopefully sooner than later. Tons more pictures here.