Home Movies


There's nothing brilliant over the summer on prime time TV, nothing. We've all come to loathefully despise reality-show contests wherein the audience both cheers for the ever-humble, somewhat talented, slightly pretty teen while mocking or ridiculing them in the same breath. Though, I do occasionally find an incredibly imaginative, vaguely original and totally hilarious show in the septic-mess that is television. I ate up The Wire, Dead Like Me and am currently dining on Battlestar Galactica.

One such stellar show was Home Movies. Out of the black hole I call my memory came my love of the show. I found it while checking out the archives of a new podcast, TSOYA, The Sound of Young America. TSOYA is occasionally a miss but with the sheer number of podcasts there are some shiners that are extremely introspective and surprising. The music interviews are the best, listen to: Brother Ali, Au Revior Simone or Bill Withers.

I found myself waxing nostalgic while listening to the interview with Brendon Small, the creator of Home Movies. The series lasted from 1999 to 2004, the exact period I was in college, which is why I may find it so sentimental. An oddball not quite fitting in, deep and wistful when give a little time. On the outside it seems like a kids show but there are numerous character moments and dialogue quips that are obviously directed at a more comedically-mature audience.

Thus, if you don't have the same sense of humor as myself you'll probably think it's just dumb... which of course means your sense of humor is dumb. Seriously though, check out Adult Swim for complete eps. "Is our soccer game bothering your conversation?"