I finally got the nerve to ride my bike to work. Who knew it would be as fun as it was. I could hear the highway in the distance and cherished living close enough to work to have such an experience. It was both tiring and rewarding, the same kind of feeling you get when on a rollercoaster – unsure if your ridiculously happy or slightly quesy, though enjoying it all the same.

Even though there are great biking paths in Minneapolis, most of them are 'in Minneapolis' and not too much of the surrounding areas. Not that I can complain since I could easily get to downtown or uptown in minutes from SLP. I only hope more north/south routes are created, check out the Minneapolis Maps & Where to Ride site, for excellent biking in the city.

Since I'm basicly heading due south and I can ony take back roads, though this is not as bad as I first thought – makes for a longer commute but definitely a more enjoyable one. Luckily I get to see nice houses, cute neighborhoods and even other bikers.

Thus, Fridays are my B2W day (Bike to Work). Why?

  1. Green: Less gas, less oil, less polluting, happy me.
  2. Healthy: A perfect excuse to eat pizza, cuz' I just burned a bunch o' calories.
  3. Serene: Relaxing instead of rage-building, car-cursing normal commuting.
  4. Retro: It's cool to ride a bike as an adult, especially if you have a Burley.
  5. Sights: Almost hit a few parked cars but saw some beautiful gardens, houses, parks, creatures, etc.
  6. Recreation: Didn't take long for me to remeber how much fun it is wheeling around town.