Higgins Happy Hour

Angela and I had our first open house this past weekend, June 12th. That is to say we made up a reason to have friends over to our house. Though it's been ours almost a year, like most home owners we have had little time to contemplate throwing a party, better yet prepare for it.

We are fortunate enough to know so many amazing people that make our lives just as awesome. We definitely love Minnesota and the people that we have met and gotten closer to.

In order to show off our big garage/small house, we threw a party and named it 'Higgins Happy Hour.' We decided to have it right after a regular Friday work week plush with a bunch of appetizers and small finger foods. People from work, school, family and even new friends mingled and comsumed various spirits.

I made a few signs and coasters to signify it's importance. The 'green' guy in me found some used disc and some old foamcore to print on while every chair and table we had in the whole house became patio furniture.

I had a great time and I'm pretty sure we're already thinking about our next 'Higgins Happy Hour.' Though I'm sure it will be more of a yearly than quarterly event. I must say that being a host and organizer is like doing freelance work—you get what you put in, feel the rewards days later and occasionally reflect on how you've grown in the process.

More images available here, especially how the night tired us out.