PB's Simple Earl

This is Earl Grey, as he roams around Saint Louis Park. Angela and I adopted him on July 9th, 2008. About 40 days after we moved into our new house, so he's been part of the family from the very beginning.

He is a retired racing Greyhound and had the racing name 'PB's Simple Earl,' which refers to his lineage while racing on the dog tracks. I'm not sure where the 'B' came from but his grandfather was 'P's Raising Cain.' He has two sister siblings, one is 'PB's Donner' and the other 'PB's Frogn Apon.' Since he has two brindle sisters and a white/fawn father, I'm sure his color  came from his mother, 'Jaaz Ozzy Gal.'

As with all greyhounds from a track he has tattoos on his ears to designate certain origins and tracking. He has the number: 25231 on his left ear and 34F on his right. I think there is more on his left because it pertains to the litter size and date/birth.

I love Earl and wouldn't mind having more greyhounds roaming around the house. Of course space in our house is limited and that reflects the number of pets. Alas, that is why I must suggest anyone wanting to adopt a dog look up Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption, located in Coon Rapids. It is by far the best and sweetest adoption program I have even encountered, which is why Angela and I volunteer when needed. Such as at the Pet Expo this past winter.

If you are thinking about adopting a greyhound, then I must elaborate. Greyhounds are known for thier relaxed demeanor and have qualities similar to a Great Dane. They love sprinting around at dog parks but don't have the stamina for long-time play, such as a Shepard or Labrador or any small breed. Take them on a long walk once a day and they are sleeping upside-down all day. Thin skin and a short coat mean they are susceptible to injury and cold tempuratures. We purchased a coat for Earl and I know Ian got one for Duke, his Doberman, because they are similar is body structure.

I've taken brevity to a new level and wandered along aimlessly into self-indulgence and promotion. So I will stop here and suggest anyone looking for a pet either adopt or think about rescues.