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I've been meaning to deposit my memories and thoughts online for sometime. Though, like all users of the so-called web have been here-to-fore unmotivated, overwhelmed and slightly lazy. Though you can switch lazy with cowardly since anything that touches the web is up for criticism and critique. Let us hope I write eloquently and without any misspelling or in a way that is grammatically correct.

Though that is what I love about the webesphere. Anything can be written and commented on. Instantly becoming a mark that, hopefully, will also be available forever–becoming a reference for oneself. Though with attention decreasing and immediacy becoming dominant who knows if anyone will read this, better yet take the time to comprehend it's meaning. I only hope my children are able to read this and it can become a contiual reference for myself and anyone who cares venture it's pages.

Which brings me to my first point. Hopefully I will update this page, not constantly but continually, throughout the years. Because that is what this is all about. It is meant to be a way for me to express myself both creatively and through the long lost art or narration. Writing is a necessity. I don't mean the physical nature of typing but more the idea of someone being able to write, adequately and eloquently, about experiences that have shaped them and their values.

Point two. In the last few years I have wed, purchased a house, adopted a dog, seen babies born and presidents swore in. Through all of this I have become more compassionate and discovered values I didn't want to admit I had, lest someone question and find fault. But that's what life is. An adventure that helps you discover yourself.

Lastly, they are called opportunities because they aren't easy. If they were, we would call them decisions, such as deciding what paint color will best match the blinds. That is, of course seeing family members go as life guides them is hard but being supportive is more important.

Family comes first even when distane separates them. Opportunities become capabilities which create opportunities, etc.

I have much more to comment on this but will save that for a later date, thus, giving myself reasons to write more. Also, luck and serendipity don't exist. Things are meant to happen, you just have to find out why, even when the ride is bumpy.