in the sandbox with squarespace

I've recently adopted squarespace as my web blogging software du jour. Mostly because I don't know how to code or CSS worth a penny but have slowly adopted it's WYSIWYG editor as the easiest way to make a presence online.

I say sandbox because I have yet to conquer it's ever-loving and increasingly robust site editor. Don't get me wrong, I love it. Though as a designer there is just too much fun to be had. That is why I describe it as being in a sandbox. I'm here playing around and everyone is watching, waiting to see what it is I do. At least in my minds eye that is what I think.

So, if you are here as a friend, relative, classmate, stalker, coworker or client realize more is on the way. Stuff that may seem dull and blase and other nuggets of wisdom salsa-ed in with all the intrepid, eco-centric, designer-styled, geek-laden tomfoolerly that is this site.