I currently work at TSG as a Senior Designer & Art Director. I received a BS in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota and keep my ties to it through mentoring, serving on the college's DSAB and reviewing portfolio.

I volunteered for the Animal Humane Society in the Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation areas. I also try to volunteer at the Walk for Animals every year. Occasionally, I'll be seen at the Second Harvest Heartland.

A hockey game, grilled chicken wings, the perpetual home project or relaxing night home with my wife, son and daughter—these things make me happy. I am most intrigued by design in all areas: architectural, industrial, interior, UX/UI, environmental and graphic.

My forte is design, generically speaking. Most of my days are spent branding, conceptualizing, art directing, copywriting, researching, testing, illustrating, and presenting. I work in print, digital and experiential.

Email: therichhiggins@gmail.com



Art Direction